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It’s no mystery that Chinese internet viewers prefer to view websites in Chinese, to do their surfing in Chinese, and have a digital experience that is in Chinese. Chinese content is a necessity for marketing to the Chinese internet market. While all people are most comfortable in their native language, Chinese specifically due to the relative separation of their online resources—are accustomed to working in their own spheres and in their own language on the internet. While China is one of the better English speaking countries in Asia, the five hundred million Chinese internet users enjoy browsing within their own circles, largely cut off from the news, search engines, and media platforms hotly used abroad.

A whole different world of content in Chinese exists on the internet, and it is in this field that you must market to the Chinese. This is what makes Chinese content marketing invaluable for targeting the Chinese market. This is also where the value of our strong native Chinese speaking staff, cultural experience, and design and marketing expertise comes into play. To run any good internet marketing promotion in China, you will need content in Chinese, and culturally adjusted for China—something we can provide with e-woow.

With e-woow, our CBC staff come from a long history of business, and know how to focus on sales. Our well-oriented design and content, with both cultural awareness and deep marketing experience will be big factors in increasing visibility and attracting visitors. A long history of work with the Chinese market, dedication to thorough analyses, and strategy enables us to drive successful China Web Marketing in a way other simple translators cannot. In aiming to be the best internet advertising agency in China, a focus on quality content is our guarantee.


China Search Engine Optimisation

Optimize for Baidu which takes position over Google as the premier search engine...

Chinese Web Design and Development

It is very important to have website in Mandarin by which a company can promote their website in China...

Chinese Content Marketing

Chinese content is a necessity for marketing to the Chinese internet market...

China Social Media Marketing

e-woow is ready to provide top internet marketing services in China...

Baidu pay per click

Our e-woow team is also ready to handle your Baidu pay per click management (PPC)...


e-woow can also provide customised service according to your inquiry...


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