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China Social Media Marketing

Social Media will be the next big thing in online marketing, and as China social media marketing companies scramble to come up with formats and strategies to take advantage of these platforms, e-woow will be on the newest developments. Keep in mind that like search engine optimization, social media is completely different in China, with the typical facebook/twitter banned, and replaced with platforms unique to China (though these Chinese media are getting ever more popular abroad!). Going beyond search engine optimization in China and search engine marketing for Chinese Market, e-woow is ready to manage your social media campaigns on WeChat (the Chinese WhatsApp/Facebook), Weibo (the Chinese Twitter), and review sites for restaurants, hotels, and more. Furthermore, the high smartphone/low computer usage habits of the Chinese make these platforms far more active than their counterparts abroad!

The key to utilizing social media effectively is in coming up with great and exciting strategies and content that will get people talking. Fun, fresh, fascinating something that captures people’s interest. Running a successful social media campaign that stands out is a major challenge that requires cultural knowledge of the target market, but it can have a significant affect in digital marketing in China.

At e-woow, we will accompany and guide you through the creation of social network accounts and pages for key platforms. For sites that actively update with blogs and articles, we can also organize relevant social bookmarking strategies in order to increase your visibility on different targeted traffic generating platforms. We will also monitor your accounts, supply reports, and consult on the results. Let us make a digital marketing and social media marketing plan that covers all the bases for you.

With social media strategy and account management combined with our E-woow advertising in a simple and comprehensive solution, E-woow is ready to provide top internet marketing services in China.


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China Social Media Marketing

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