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Baidu Pay Per Click Management

Our e-woow team is also ready to handle your Baidu pay per click management (PPC). Aside from organic results optimization, paid advertising campaigns are the other big element key to internet marketing in China. Running campaigns that create “paid” listed results for searches on the Baidu Search Engine pays back big. Paid ads improve the visibility of your site because of the higher and preferred placement of PPC campaign results. This makes good PPC management almost a necessity for successful online advertising in China.

At e-woow we have the tools needed to help you run successful pay-per-click campaigns on Baidu, sure to improve ROI in Chinese promotion and greatly help brand building in the Chinese market. Doing good Pay Per Click management is not just a matter of putting out cash. An ad’s placement is greatly affected by its quality score—which is based on defined measures of effective design/wording for a good ad, relevance to user searches, and site factors such as its click through rate. Successful Baidu PPC campaigns require competitive analysis and optimum keywords derived from extensive research and A/B testing.

Our PPC services include

1. Campaign set-up & keywords research and selection.

2. Keywords Bidding Management: constant monitoring and adjusting is necessary to ensure bids will always achieve efficient and cost effective results.

3. Campaign Tracking & Reporting: the success of a PPC campaign is measured through constant tracking, analysis and reporting.

Improving your site’s content and designing good PPC ads takes specialist technical knowledge as well as marketing knowledge of the Chinese language that we can provide. Our E-woow staff’s expertise in both fields allow us to provide you with the best Chinese PPC management services, and aim to become the best internet advertising agency in China.


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Baidu pay per click

Our e-woow team is also ready to handle your Baidu pay per click management (PPC)...


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