Case Study: Hotel Storchen Zurich

Company Overview

Hotel Storchen already had good position, visibility and brand awareness in Google search engine results but did not have any search engine visibility and market share in China. They contacted e-woow in-order to enhance the brand, increase their footprint and optimize their presence on the Chinese Internet (Baidu).

The Challenge: Needed a Surge in Search Visibility

The hotel needed a surge in visibility from organic search results on Chinese Internet, especially from general search terms. Even though they had a vision but they needed technical know-how in order to effectively implement the necessary changes to improve search engine rankings in Baidu. The goal was to rank for “Hotel Storchen” as the brand in China with the help of online marketing.

Created Responsive Hotel Webpage Design in Chinese & On-Site SEO Optimization Campaign

e-woow helped the hotel to design a Chinese HTML page understanding the local culture and the user’s need on Internet by implementing on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign using a series of strategies, which included identifying pages that needed optimization, outlining the strategy for the page and rewriting title and meta descriptions to increase exposure on Baidu Internet.

Increased Baidu Organic Traffic by Over 25%

The optimization strategies which ewoow implemented since January 2013, helped Hotel Storchen gain more online visibility in the Chinese Search Engine and other media platforms. As compared to Feb-March 2013, the hotel experienced an increase in Baidu organic visits of 25.45% in Feb-March 2014.

Current Chinese HTML Page:

Reviews of Hotel Storchen on (Chinese travel portal site):