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Mr. Charles Merkle (Left), President of CBC and Mr. LI Keqiang (Right), Premier of China met in the Swiss Economic and Financial Community Conference, May 24th 2013.

The CBC Group has a long history of supporting foreign business in the Chinese market, and has provided clients with top service in fields as diverse as business consulting, market research, human resource outsourcing. E-woow is a new and exciting online marketing service we have designed that continues this tradition of connecting China with the world through quality, comprehensive service. Our aim is simplicity, the easies method that will give you access to the tremendous consumer market of online China, and its over 500 million users.

The core concept of E-woow is connecting Chinese customers and foreign businesses through online website promotion in China. E-woow is a tool for online marketing in China that incorporates Chinese language, localization, hosting, and simple sites to make you more visible to internet users in China. We take your company info and contact information and design simple, elegant, and attractive sites with Chinese content to represent you to Chinese internet viewers drawing out interest in your products and services, and aiding viewers in contacting you, as well as bridging them to your own official websites/online resources.

These sites act as internet fliers, and penetrate the target market by overcoming the information and visibility barriers inherent in China’s internet service. The Chinese web page promotion service we provide is key in successful Chinese search engine optimization (SEO), the ranking order of pages in search results on sites such as Google, and in China the more popular Baidu. We further enhance this management by bolstering the page content with articles and blog entries written in Chinese. While it may be a simple page linking our e-woow network with your homepage and contact information, this page becomes the connection to you that sidesteps foreign visibility issues especially as our group focuses on improving search engine marketing in China on your behalf through the Chinese content in E-woow pages. We also encourage you to inquire regarding our social media management services setting up and maintaining accounts for you on key Chinese platforms, as well as checking and submitting content to Chinese rating sites, such as those covering restaurants and hotels. It is so simple, but it will completely change the effectiveness of marketing your website in China.

Here at E-woow, our goal is to make it simple for you. With E-woow, our online marketing tool, we are the enabler of successful and easy marketing to China.


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