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Over 618 million Chinese nationals have access to the internet, online shopping and the consumer behavior of "research online, buy offline" (ROBO) very common.

Many Chinese customers are keen to learn more about various products and services via online channels. This lends Western companies great opportunities to tap this base of potential customers. We help you overcome language barriers and create your very own Chinese HTML that will show-up in the results of Chinese search engines. The problem is most Chinese people search in Chinese and use Chinese search engines, Baidu, rather than Google and Yahoo, creating a language barrier between Chinese customers and Western.

It’s simpler than you think. Just enter the description of your products or services in the language of your choice and we will translate it into Chinese and promote it on internet. - Boost Your Online Business In China

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Seo Marketing China Blogs

Making sense of micro blog ...

Shen Lei (China Daily)

Understanding the finer nuances is the key to long-term marketing strategy Marketing promotions by global companies have intensified with the rapid rise of micro blogs and the decline of discussion boards. With their huge number of users, these online platforms have not only changed the way that multinational companies share information in China, but also reshaped an entire generation. Unlike online chat rooms, micro blogs have several distinct features.They are essentially an open platform in which participants can read... Read more

Chinese Web Firms Alibaba, Sina ...

Paul Mozur, Juro Osawa

China’s biggest Internet companies are drawing up battle lines. E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. on Monday said it struck a $586 million deal with the company that runsChina’s popular Weibo microblogging service that would give it an 18% stake in the influential social-media outlet. It also won an option to increase its stake to 30% at an unspecified price. The agreement announced Monday by Weibo parent Sina Corp. comes as China’s still fast-growing Internet market shows signs of maturing growth and tougher competition... Read more



Owner of SME

"We bought the E-woow solution package recently and we got a Chinese web page and E-woow also helped us with SEO and e-marketing in China, on Baidu and Google. Months later, Chinese customers found us and some purchased with us. Surprisingly I had Chinese customers even before our business expanded to China. In this way, we are ahead of our global competitors who also want to sell to China but were still hesitating to make huge investment. E-woow could be a good choice for internet marketing in China..."


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See How E-woow Can Boost your Business in China

See How E-woow Can Boost your Business in China